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Kenneth Smith

Leann, Just received my cover today. Very satisfied with product and recommend Sharp Covers for every Steel player. Customer service and placing the order went very well, even making changes at my request. Confirming the color and lettering is very important to getting it right the first time and you did a great job and your company is valued highly in the music industry. Attached are some photos for your use. Thank you, Kenny Smith Statesville, NC Emmons D-10 Austin 400

Steel guitar cover

Tim Tynes

Received yesterday and it fits great!! Appreciate everything!!! Thanks!!!

William Seeders Mosheim

Hi Leann, I received the cover today and I love it! It fits perfectly and I really love the green color you chose for me. I look forward to enjoying it and having it protect my steel for many years to come! Thank you!!

Ronald Diehl

Leann, I received the cover yesterday. It fits perfect, looks good. Nice to see some really nice American craftsmanship. Thanks again, Ron

Jim Trantham

Just got my covers. I’d just like to say WOW!!! They are really great quality covers and fit beautifully. As Yogi Berra, the great baseball player once said: “You have exceeded my expectations and done better”. Thank you. Jim

Phil Sottile

Hi Leann-I got the cover & it’s great! Thank you for the fast service! Happy Thanksgiving! Phil

Jerry VanHoose

Hello Leann, I received my guitar cover, and it's a perfect fit and looks beautiful. Excellent quality materials and workmanship! Thank you very, very much. Best regards, Jerry

Kevin Quick 

Thanks, perfect fit! Kevin


Dave Lehr 

Leann, Thank you for the beautiful leg bags, the craftsmanship and detailed features are stunning. I really appreciate your time and I wish you well. Thanks, Dave Lehr

Junior Knight

Got it today. Great looking , thanks!
(Brown/tan Western style pick and bar pouch.)

Barry Coker

Leann, The amp cover came in yesterday and I love it fits perfect the color is lighter than my amp but I think with time will match great (Closer than I thought you could get on an amp that old). Thanks so much. Barry

Amp cover by Leann

Scott Fortner

Hey Leann, I got my cover today. It’s absolutely perfect. (Just wish it made me play better!) I’ll be passing your website on to my guys in case they need anything. Thanks again! Scott

Fred Rogan

I finally got my Emmons S-10 yesterday! Great to have the cover already here waiting for it. thanks much. fred

Steel guitar cover

Charlie Romano

Leann. I received my order. As always, fits perfectly and looks great. Thank you Charlie

Bill Marking

Thank you so much. The cover looks great and fits perfectly.

Sharp Covers Nashville steel guitar cover

Junior Wilson

Hi, I am very pleased with the two covers you did for me, which I received a couple weeks ago. Just wanted to let you know I think they look first rate and I will be back in touch for other covers in the future. thanks, Junior Wilson

Mark Cassella

I received my cover and it fits like a glove. I went from a double neck to a new single neck Jackson steel guitar. A very well-made cover. Thank you

Cynthia Quebedeaux

Leann, He loved his cover! Thank you so much for the great work that you did ! I finally got one over on him! Happy New year!

Michael Maddex

Leann, here are a couple of photos as promised. I wanted the photos to show how your cover duplicates the sunburst color scheme of my guitar. Please use these anyway you like. Thanks again for a great job!

Steel guitar cover

Bob Lewis

Hi Leann, I received the cover today, it's fits perfectly, looks great and is very well made, thanks. Bob Lewis

Jack Stoner  

Leann, Pick/Bar pouch received today. Nice work. I like the magnetic catch. I have fought with the clip on my old one (came from the guy in Georgia that used to sell them at the St Louis ISGC). I'll "show and tell" the new pouch at our monthly steel jam. Jack

Sean Burke  

Leann, I received my Sho-Bud cover yesterday. It fits perfectly and looks fantastic!!! I will be ordering another one for one of my other steel guitars very soon. Thank you, Sean

Doug Childress

Leann, here is my MSA with and without the cover. Thanks again for the great job!! Doug Childress Orange, Texas


Cecil Garvin  

Leann, Received the covers and they fit like a great glove.Workmanship is superb!! Thanks so much for a great set of covers .Will definitely let people know where I got them.Thanks. Cecil

Ron Raymond  

Leann, I received the pouch last week-thank you! attached is a pic of my husband Ron Raymond playing with the Patsy Hank Lovechild at Hank's Saloon in Brooklyn, NY. Note the sharp-looking, Sharp pouch hanging off the tuning pegs of his steel:-) edie

Sharp Covers Nashville

David Wright  

Leann did a GREAT job on my cover, Just what I wanted... !!!.. David Wright

Sharp Covers Nashville

Jerry Brzostowski

Leann Received my amp cover today, it had arrived as promised. Right out of the box I knew it was something special. I have say that this is the best amp cover ever. It fits so nice and straight. The stitching is perfectly straight which gives it a great appearance. Never have I had such a nice amp cover. The craftsmanship is remarkable, and the logo tops it off. I will let you know what needs to be covered next. Cheers, Jerry

Gary Beazley

Steel guitar cover by SharpCoversNashville

Sharp Covers of Nashville, do outstanding work. The covers I ordered for my two Aguilar SL112 cabs came and fit perfectly. They look great. Over the years, Leann has made several cab covers for me. I will definitely use them again. Gary Beazley

John DeMaille

Steel guitar cover by SharpCoversNashville

Leann, I just received my cover today and I must say, that, it is exquisite! Thank you very much for your expertise. I'll be getting pictures soon and insert them on your website along with the Steel Guitar Forum. Thanks, again, John

Hi Leann, The cover came today. It is very, very nice. Thanks for the quick service. Bob Tuttle

Hello Leann, My cover was delivered today, looks great & fits perfectly. I really like the texture of the black vinyl that you used, that's my favorite for future reference. :-) Thank you so very much! Jerry

Hi Leann, I received my cover today. It fits great and looks great, incredible turn around time and made in the USA what more could I ask for. Thank you very much! Sincerely, James Skellie

Hi Leann! The cover arrived yesterday, it looks great, and it fits! Thank you so much! Sincerely, Kristin

Hi Leann, Got the cover today and it fits perfectly. Very nice. Thanks! Dave Ball

Hello Leann: Cover arrived yesterday in perfect condition. It is exactly what I expected. You did an outstanding job. I am currently fabricating a rectangular, styrofoam, top insert for the cover. My guitar is a Clinesmith Joaquin model mounted on a Deluxe 34 stand with a Don Blood armrest. The shape is not uniform and the top insert will keep the cover straight. I'll send you pics for the COMMENTS page when I'm done. Thanks again Leann. Bill Galvan

Received it today. Fits like a glove. Thanks. Joseph

Leann, The cover arrived Friday and it's great. Many thanks! Dave Ball

Arrived today LeAnn great work fits my old push pull Emmons perfectly doesn't even need the cord cut out Thanks Ed Steeves

Leann, My amp cover arrived today on schedule. Your workmanship is first rate; the color matches the amp's color perfectly. I'm very happy to have been able to "buy American" and get such a fine product in return. Best regards, Jack Austin.

Red cover arrived today (Fri.). Perfect as usual. Thanks. Billy Carr

Hey Leann, I got the Amp Cover today; Perfect fit, Perfect Lettering, absolutely Great Work! Thanks Leann! Glen Duncan

Leann, I got the cover, fits and looks great as usual. Thanks very much. Hook Moore

The covers arrived, no shipping problems. All three items fit fine. Thanks for making the special pedal bar pouch. Marvin Born

Jack Austin

Leann, My amp cover arrived today on schedule. Your workmanship is first rate; the color matches the amp's color perfectly. I'm very happy to have been able to "buy American" and get such a fine product in return. Best regards, Jack Austin.

Greg Johnson

Leann, Got my cover today. Thank you so much. What an absolute great job. Perfect fit and looks so good. Thanks Greg J.

Mark Hepler

Leann, Thanks for your prompt service: my leg pouch arrived a day early & I started using it right away for gigs. It's very nicely made & fits perfectly.

Michael Maddex

Leann, I received the cover today. It looks great! For utility reasons, I had planned to use in pocket in the back of the amp, but with your Logo on the closure, now I think that it deserves to go on the front thereby adding a Touch of Class. Should I need any more covers in the future, you'll be the first to know. Thank you.

Joe Naylor

I got the cover. In a word. PERFECT. I will take it to a show in KS the first of Oct.

SharpCoversNashville amp cover

Leann, the cover has arrived, nice work - thank you. Greetings from New Mexico! Walter Gloeckler

Hey Leann, Got the cover a few minutes ago, perfect fit (as usual), got both guitars "Sharp" covered now. Thanks..William Ford

Leann, cover arrived this afternoon. It fits great, it looks great! You're the best! Don Brown

Leann, Good afternoon. I received the sharp cover and couldn't be more happy about it. It's perfect. Excellent work. Thank you so much! Thanks Corbin Pratt

Leann. received my leg pouch today. excellent product. very please with it thanks again for your excellent product paul wade mundelein, Iill

Douglas Berry

Just got home from being on the road for a week....the covers fit an look GREAT! Thank you, good work, I can see the attention to detail that you put in!

Dave Dieh

Leann, received the covers today and they looked and fit great. I am again, totally happy with them and thank you so much. Wasn't sure about the color because on the computer it's really hard to tell sometimes but the cabinets I have is green with brown trim which is the exact same color of these covers. Dave

James Morris

Hi Leann, My cover came today and I couldnt be happier. The quality and craftsmanship are outstanding, the fit is wonderful and the customer service and speed of delivery are second to none! Attached is a picture of my cover on my MSA Legend D10. Thanks again, and God Bless!

Steel Guitar Cover

Ricky Littleton

Hi Leann! Got the cover a couple days ago and finally got the guitar set back up. It looks WONDERFUL!!!! So very very pleased!!! Many thanks for your hard work. Stay healthy and God Bless!!! Ricky...

Sharp Covers Nashville steel guitar cover

Arty Passes

Leann - Thanks for the beautiful Aluminor cover. Reflective, waterproof, insulating, durable - It’s done it’s job and fits perfectly. Thanks, Arty Passes


Jon Light

Hi Leann. Got the cover. It fits like a glove and it is slick looking. Totally happy. I'll get a chance to shoot some photos tomorrow and I'll email you something. I'll post on Facebook and the Forum, probably. My new guitar has a a proper cover. Thanks! --Jon

Sharp Steel Guitar Cover

Sharp Steel Guitar Cover

Bill Coleman

Cover arrived yesterday- just beautiful and fits like a glove! Thank you for a great job and there will be more in the future! Best Wishes Bill Coleman.

Stacy L. Hennessee

Leann, I received the cover. Great JOB!! It is really nice. Thank you,
Stacy L. Hennessee, Associate Vice President -- Investments


Perfection 🤗 All of the covers fit absolutely perfect and they are so well-made. I am thrilled with my purchase. Your work is beautiful and worth every penny. And the odd shape Acoustic amp cover is a perfect fit too. Thank you so very much. I will be telling every guitar player I know about your beautiful custom work 🤗 Thank you again, Lydia

George Noie

Leann, I received my steel guitar cover today. It fits perfect. It's awsome, I really like it. Thanks for a great job. George Noie

Tony Stephens

Leann.... I received the shipment today! I can't tell you how much I love the product!! Thank you so much for getting this done for me!!! You should visit us at the Opry sometime! Two of the accessory bags are for Tommy White, the Opry staff band Steel player!!

Eddie Rhea

Leann, I just received my new pouch and it’s perfect! Thanks so much for fixing me up with a 2nd one. Eddie

Lonnie Zsigray

Hi Leann, the cover and leg bag arrived this morning. Very nice work indeed. It fits the guitar very well. I have included some pics and you can use them on your site if you wish. I would most certainly recommend your service to anyone who asked about a cover. Thank you, Lonnie Steelin'and lovin'it

Zsigray steel

Eric Wentz

Hi Leann, My cover arrived yesterday and looks great. Thanks for the excellent service. You have earned recommendations for my friends!! Eric

William Privitera

Hi Leann. It got here today, and I love it! Thank you so much, and have a great weekend! Best, William Privitera.

Gregory Mills

Leann, covers arrived and look and fit perfect. I'll spread the word. Thanks again, Greg

Pat Sullivan

I received it today, fits and looks great, thanks.

I received it today, fits and looks great, thanks.

George Kalcheff

Recieved the cover today, looks and fits great! Thanks again, merry Christmas

Sharp Covers Nashville cover

Webb Kline

I got my cover for my steel and it looks and fits great. The monogram is a first for me. Hopefully it will make me play better. LOL.

Dave Chum

Leann, The new steel cover arrived and it looks great! My new steel is due to be shipped next week and when it comes in I will send along a picture. Thanks! Dave

Dave Lehr

Leann, I recieved my covers today and the are absolutely gorgeous. I have received quite a few compliments already and I've only had them for an hour! Thank you for the great quality.

Malcolm Kirby

Received leg/rod pouch yesterday. You provide such a great service for the steel guitar community. Always pleased with your products.

Shannon Cooke  

Leann, I received the cover for my MSA and it is fantastic! I will definitely come back to you for my cover needs. Great product!! Shannon-

Sharp Covers Nashville cover

Jerry Berger

SharpCoversNashville cover

Hi Leann, I received the lap steel cover today. It looks great and fits perfectly! Here are a couple of pics. Thanks again, Jerry

Fred Rogan

SharpCoversNashville cover

Got my cover today! Looks great and fits perfect, especially opening for the jack. Thank you Leann!

George Redmon

Hi Leann, just wanted to share a couple of photos with you. I want to thank you so much for the patch. Also a picture of my leg & rod pouch, and tuner bag. I will be ordering another leg & rod pouch in the next couple of weeks. Thanks Again, George Redmon

SharpCoversNashville cover

J. R. Rose

Hi Leann Your covers are just great. I like them very much. Thanks, J.R.

SharpCoversNashville cover

Tommy Moran

Leann, The covers look and fit great. Outstanding! Thanks, Tommy Moran

SharpCoversNashville cover

George Crickmore

Got the cover, and thanks for such fast shipping. Thought you may want to see why we needed it so quickly. Corrine

SharpCoversNashville cover

Bill Arnold 

Leann…the covers were delivered this morning. They are a perfect fit. I am very pleased with the quality, fit and workmanship of your product on both the Sho-Bud and Fender 1000. I would reccomend your company in a heartbeat. Well done. Thanks again for all that you do. regards, Bill Arnold, Summerfield Florida

SharpCoversNAshville steel guitar covers

Dennis Full 

Hello Leann, The cover came today. Looks good and nice fit. If the steel ever leaves my office I will send another photo
☺ Dennis

SharpCoversNashville amp cover


Keith Robb

Perfect fit! Soft and flexible but heavy vinyl cover with sturdy cloth backing, it stores easily, and slips on like a dream, yet snug! The piping really has a nice appearance, and the stitching is strong and tight. Thanks, Leann!

amp cover

Lee Baucum

Leann - I received the cover you made for my 1985 Evans amplifier. It arrived a day early! As expected, it fits perfectly and it appears to have an even thicker liner than the previous covers you made for me. Thanks for providing the steel guitar world with such great products. Lee Baucum McAllen, TX

Bill Hoskins

My cover arrived and fits my Fender Dual Professional perfectly. The workmanship is top notch and I would not hesitate to order another one when the need arises, Thanks again Leann.

Steel guitar cover

Bill Hoskins

Hi Leann, I received my cover yesterday. Absolutely perfect....beautiful job. Thank you, Bill

Leon Langley

Leann, I received my amplifier cover today!!! Perfect fit and excellent quality!!!! Thank you so much and hope you have a blessed year!!!! Leon Langley

Tim Fleming

Hello Leann, The cover arrived today and fits perfectly, just like I knew it would! Tim

Jerry Burns

Leann, Just received my Stage One steel cover & it fits beautifully & looks great! You do fantastic work, Leann! Thank you so much 😊 Jerry


WOW! I am very impressed with the quality and beauty of my seat cover that you made. Thank you so much for making it for me!

Aubrey Ward

Hi Leann, Just a note to say I received the leg & rod bag today and it's a very nice one. I'm going to enjoy using it. Thank you. Kind Regards, Aubrey

Randy Mitchell

My cover arrived today and it is absolutely perfect!! Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend your work to others. Thank you again.

Sharp Covers Nashville steel guitar cover

Joe Hartnet

It’s just right.

Steel Guitar cover

Tommy Moran

Leann, The leg and pick pouches arrived right on time. As expected, excellent quality. Thanks much.

Alden Wilson

Leann, I got the cover. Very nice job, as were the other two last year. We'll be doing more business. thanks, Junior

Todd Higgins

Thanks Leann After recently acquiring my ZB Custom student model guitar I spent a number of hours taking it apart and cleaning away years of grime and polishing all the metal parts. After doing that I hated to let dust accumulate in all the nooks and crannies. So I went looking for a cover. My Sharp Cover looks great and I know it will long after I’m gone and someone else is enjoying the guitar. Thanks again! Todd Higgins Flatwoods KY.

Sharp Covers Nashville steel guitar cover

Paul Pearson

Good afternoon mrs Leann I received my steel guitar covers they are absolutely gorgeous and fit perfectly thanks a million for your great service will definitely remember you the next time I need a cover. May God bless you.

Danny Love

Leann... I received the cover last fits perfect and looks fantastic...cant believe I waited so long to order one...thank you so much for everything...for all the communication to the quick delivery...ill take a pic and send it to you..thanks again. Danny

David McCarter

Leann, Received the order on Saturday. Am very pleased with the cover. You did a wonderful job. Thank you so much.

David Welch

Leann, Got the cover, very nice job, Thank you. Fits my steel perfectly. Dave

Sharp Covers Nashville amp cover

J.R. Rose

Hi Leann, Very Nice Cover. I like. J.R. Rose

Sharp Covers Nashville amp cover

Dave Diehl  

Leann, received the cover today and it looks great and fits like a glove on the cabinet. I am really totally satisfied with it. So much that I want another exactly like it. Thanks so much Leann, Dave Diehl

Ken Boi  

Leann, I have received my cover and it is perfect. The material used is very nice. It feels heavy and durable. Very nice stitching work. Thanks for the very nice work. Thanks. Ken Boi

steel guitar cover from Sharp Covers Nashville

Al Evans  

I received my cover yesterday, and couldn't be happier. The fit is perfect, and the colors go very well with the guitar and the room it's in. Thank you!

steel guitar cover from Sharp Covers Nashville

Rex Mayfield  

Leann, I received the covers today. VERY NICE!! And thank you so much for your speedy lead time and delivery. I'm really gonna enjoy these!! Hopefully, in 8-10 months, I'll be ordering one for a BRAND NEW MSA D-10 Legend XL!! Best wishes to your success!! Rex

Dean Seidel  

Hi I received the cover , looks good ! Nice fit high quality workmanship, I will definitely recommend your buisness to people that I know, thank you !!

Don Saxton  

Amp cover by Sharp Covers Nashville

Leann, My cover arrived yesterday. I was able to track it right to my door. It fits perfectly! I only wish I had gotten it sooner! Now I need to re-cover my amp so it looks as nice as the cover! I would recommend this cover to anyone.

Charles Brachman  

Hi there! Just received my cover today. very nice! great fit, quality workmanship! Thanks, Chuck

Edward Rhea  

Leann, my bar pouch arrived today! Thanks so much the outstanding communication and customer service. It looks so nice and is exactly what I wanted! I'll get you a picture real soon, I promise! Eddie

Mike Caldwell  

Hi Leann, The cover arrived today right on schedule. The quality is superb and the fit is perfect. Many thanks for a great job - I'll try to get a picture to you in the next few days to load on your website. I'll be sure to call on you again in the future if the need arises. Best regards, Mike

Glen Duncan  

Hey Leann, I got the Amp Cover today; Perfect fit, Perfect Lettering, absolutely Great Work! Thanks Leann! Glen Duncan

Tim Herman  

I just received my new Sharp covers today. Excellent fit, and they look to be as tough as they are good looking! Thank you Leann

covers by Sharp COvers Nashville

Jan and Roger Resler  

We got it, Leann! Love It! Thank you.

Tim Long 

Leann, The amp cover is perfect. The fit, the color, the material -- all as good as I imagined it would be. Thank you, Tim

Leann, the cover arrived today and looks and fits great!! Thanks, Mike Spaeth

Western Pick & Bar Pouch. Got it today! Looks great, better than I expected. Thanks sam

Hi Leann, I received the cover yesterday. It looks great and fits great too! Thanks for your help, David

I received the pick and bar pouch yesterday and I am very pleased. It's well made with soft leather, nice 2 tone look, and just the right size. Thanks, Jim M.

Leann, received my amp cover today. Old session 500 never looked so good. Thanks very much. Will get a pick to add to your website. God bless....Baxter

John Higgins

Hi Leann- The cover fits perfectly, and looks fantastic. Thanks for your attention to detail and quality work. Best, John Higgins

Custom amp covers from Sharp Covers Nashville

Jason Buckingham 

All I can say is - Wow! These covers look great, and fit perfectly. The craftsmanship really shows. These hand-crafted custom fit covers you made are head and shoulders above other amp covers I've seen. I know all my fellow musician friends will be jealous when they see these cool new covers on my amps - I'll send them your way! Thanks, Jason Buckingham

Custom amp covers from Sharp Covers Nashville

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