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Glen Duncan

Leann, I got the Steel & Amp Covers and WOW!! They are the greatest!! They look amazing, I Love the lettering, & I will be ordering more covers; and absolutely 100% recommending your covers to every musician I know! Thanks Leann!


Hi Leann, The covers arrived on Monday in fine condition and they fit perfect. Thanks for the pick holder. It was a nice surprise. I'll be able to use them on our mini vacation to Nashville April 3 - 7. We're staying at the Holiday Inn on Broadway and hope to see some steel guitar action. I'm a newbie and am bring the guitar because I'm afraid I'll forget all my Jeff Newman material in the few days. Thanks again for the fine covers, prompt service and the pick holder. Best regards, Dave

amp covers by Sharp Covers Nashville

Wayne Sorenson

11/20/16 Thank you for my cover that fits perfect on my GFI Ultra. It really looks nice. Excellent quality and appearance. Beautiful job! Regards, Wayne Sorenson

Corbin Pratt

4/12/17, Leann,
Good afternoon. I received the sharp cover and couldn't be more happy about it. It's perfect. Excellent work. Thank you so much!
Thanks, Corbin Pratt

Christoph Heermann

Hi Leann. This is just a quick note about the LW covers you did for a few months back. I finally got a chance to visit Manfred and deliver them in person. It was a surprise and he couldn't have been happier and more surprised, indeed. The covers fit like a glove and look awesome (see picture attached). Thanks again for your service! Kind Regards ./christoph

Steven Allan Jones

Here's a few photos of my new cover Leanne, after I've had my railroad patches sewed on.......I love it. Again, Thanks so much!!

Mark Wise

Hi Leann, I received my pouch in the mail today and it is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

Ian Taylor Sutton

Hello Leann, Just wanted to let you know that I received my pick and bar pouch last week and it is great. Thanks again! Ian

Dale Rottacker

custom amp cover

Hi Leann…Wanted to send you some pictures of my beautiful new Sharp Cover…Wish I’d played as well as this cover looks…I appreciate that although I’m a nobody, you jumped right on this and got it to me like I HAD to have it for the Grand Ole Opry…So thank you for your magnificent service and this Cover I’m sure I’ll be proud of for years to come… Dale Rottacker, steelinatune 10/20/14

Doug Childress 

Received my shipment today!! Thanks for a job well done.

John Higgins 

custom amp cover

Great work Leann-thanks so much!

Edwin Gomez 

custom amp cover

Hi Leann, I received the amp cover last week. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. The cover is amazing! Perfect fit and the quality and craftsmanship is superb! I will send you a photo this week. Thanks again and will definitely order another for my other amps.  I will also recommend this to my musician friends! Regards, Edwin

Allan Jirik 

custom amp cover

Leann, THEY ARE UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS!!! What a great 4th of July surprise. I am so happy, thank you!!! They're already up on Facebook for all my steel guitar buddies to see.   What a great 4th of July surprise! Guitar and amp covers from Sharp Covers Nashville. Kudos to Leann Sharp, they are gorgeous with quality second to none. I'm thrilled! A wonderful gift from a very special friend. I showed them to my "very special friend" and she was amazed too! US made, very important here in "car country!" I couldn't be more satisfied, or more in awe of your talent. Thank you SO much!

Kenneth Cartright 

Leann, Received the cover on Thursday. It is beautiful, very nice work. thanks..Ken

George Macdonald

Hi Leann,   Just received the covers today and they are a perfect fit. The retro green looks "sharp" with my green birdseye Carter. I posted a blurb on the Forum. Thanks again,   George.  

Jack Mattison  

Hey Leann.......  Just got my new cover for my old ShoBud today,  and I really like it.  Great looking, and very nice work....  Thank you very, very much.  Will think about what I want for my Peavy Nashville 400 amp next.  Once again thank you and keep up the great work.  Bless you and yours.... Jack

Martin Weenick 

Leann, received the leg pouch today, thanks so much for great service and beautiful work. Martin.

Greg Harp 

The little women at home sez the cover arrived today. I haven't seen it yet but she assures me that it looks good and fits and that's good enough for me. Expect some more business from me in the future. Thank You, Leann

Gary Beazley 

Received covers today. They fit real good.

Gary Lee 

Leann received everything and a great job on all of it Thanks Gary.

Jason Riddle 

Hello Leann,
Hats' off to a job well done! It fits perfectly and was exactly how I pictured it would be. I received it this morning,11/5. Thanks for the business cards as they will come in handy for me to brag on you to my music buddies. ;) Thanks Again...Jay

Rick Kinard

Leann, got the covers today,everything I hoped for. Great fit,look and color,quality product. Gladly pass on your website to friends. Thanks, Rick

Fred Thompson

Leann, the cover arrived today. Just what I wanted. Thanks for the great product! All the best to my "Nashville Cover Girl". (and that Cal # guy) :) Fred

Kevin Post

I got them today, thanks so much, beautiful. Kevin

Billy Carr

Received the covers today(8-16). Perfect as usual. Thanks again Leann.

Marco Baroz 

Hello! Got the cover on Wednesday, it fits perfectly and looks amazing! The green is almost a dead on perfect match. I'll post some pics on your site. I could not be happier. Thanks so much!! Marco

Michael Robertson 

speaker cover

Leann I thought you would like to see how it turned out when PROPERLY installed. It's working out just fine. Thanks again Michael Ventura, CA

Jeff Bond 

Hi Leann - Received the covers yesterday. They are great! Great look, great fit, great value, very cool and will help protect a beautiful instrument. I'll send a picture or two soon. Thanks.

John Bartlett

Leann; Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived yesterday, and I'm very happy with your products.  I'll be ordering a PSG cover one of these days. John

Billy Carr

Got the covers today, Tuesday. Perfect as usual. Also a perfect match with the rosewood mica EMCI. Will be ordering a cover for a NV-400 amp shortly, from you, of course. Thanks. 3/27/12

Royce Tarver

sharp covers nashville

Miss Leann;
Wow! Perfect.......just perfect! Now I can impress the dickens out of 'em..............that is until I sit down and start trying to play something! If I can just learn to play half as good as these covers look I'll be a happy camper. Thank you so much pretty girl and may God bless. Royce 2/21/2011

Larry Robbins

sharp covers nashville

Hi Leann, thanks so much for the wonderful covers! Sorry it took so long to send a few pics and say thanks..lots of gigs these days! here are a couple of pics..the material has long since " relaxed" and there are no wrinkles what so ever! Thanks for such a well made pro looking product!! Everyone comments on the beauty and workmanship!! 7/19/2011

Jt Holt

Tape machine covers. Thank you very much, perfect fit, They're great.. Jt 2/28/2012

Martin Weenick

Hi Leann, I received the cover yesterday. It is perfect in every respect, Glad I left the details and colors up to you. There are some things a man just cant do. I will comment on your web site. It will also be on the Forum when the guitar is finished. Thanks again for a great job, and thanks for the card holder. Martin. 2/22/2012

Jack Willis

Leann, Cover and holder arrived today in fine shape. It looks beautiful and the craftsmanship is excellent. My guitar even plays better now....or is it me? Thanks, Jack Willis 2/22/2012

Janet Howard

Hi Leann, My dad received the steel cover and said it fits perfect! He loves it. Thank you. Janet Howard 2/19/2012

Charles Buck

Hi Leann: Got the pack a seat cover today, love the color and it fit perfect. Thank You, Charlie 2/19/2012

James Becker

HiYa, Guess what came?? My amp cover!! I fits just like it was made for it...... which of course it was. Thanks for the good work! Have a good day. -- Bones 2/19/2012

Fred Rogan

Never told you that I got my pick pouch and love it. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!

Evan Rose

Leann, I play in the same band with Ricky Hagan here in NC...........took a good look at the cover you made for him tonight for the first time.......It looks great!!!!!! FOR ANYBODY WHO IS LOOKING FOR A STEEL GUITAR COVER.....SHARP COVERS HAS GOT THE BEST LOOKING AND HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCT OUT THERE!!!! 10/5/2011

Ron Lands

I got them last night and they look great! The black w/red were a perfect fit for the cabinets. Garry's cover is cool too. I like the basket weave and I know he will love it! I really like how you did his name. Looks real classy! And, thanks for all the card holders. I plan on passing out plenty of cards at the Show Pro party.
I'm taking 3 amps, 2 speaker cabs and 2 of my steels and all have your covers! Plus Garry's guitar. We might not play so well but our gear sure is going to look good! I will have another order for you shortly.
Thanks again for all you do,
Ron 9/5/2011

Peyton Griffis

Leann: The cover just arrived and It looks great. I am very pleased with it and thanks for the business card holder. It will be used. No more wet guitar ;0) I will refer you to all the steel guitar players here in the Colorado Springs and Pueblo Colorado area. You do great work. 9/4/2011

Charles Buck

Hi Leann:
Received My amp covers,fits great and the brown was an excellent choice of color.
And thanks for the card holder.

Dan Schrock

I received my order. Thank you for the quality work. I love my covers!

Bill Alexander

Leann,,cover arrived today. perfect fit. thanks for the card holder.

Randy Boyd

Leaan, I received my cover today. Good Job! Also, I have received a lot of good compliments on the Texas Flag cover you made for my Mullen G2. Thanks again, Randy.

Dan Moslander

steel guitar cover

Leann........ I finally took some pictures of the cover you guys made for really turned out great.

steel guitar pick and bar pouch

Val Drummond

Recently received my Pick/Bar pouch from Sharp Covers. Leann Sharp made a product exactly what I was looking for. Very functional pouch. Outstanding quality. Customer service was way more than expected. Thanks, Val - Steel Guitar Forum

steel guitar cover steel guitar cover

Larry Baker

Leann, thanks for the great covers that Jean ordered for me. They look great and fit perfectly. Just what I was looking for. Pictures enclosed (before and after covers) You may use these on your site if you wish to. Larry Baker

steel guitar cover

Kevin Mincke

Great Fit! Thanks, Kevin.
- Steel Guitar Forum

amp cover

Danny Hammers

I was needing amp covers for a Peavey Nashville 112 and Peavey Vegas 400. In talking with Lynn Owsley, he suggested that I get them from Leann of Sharp Covers of Nashville, He said they will be good quality and reasonably, so I ordered them sight unseen. She new the measurements of the Nashville 112, and just to make sure, she wanted the measurements for the Vegas 400. And it was just no time the two covers came Priority Mail. WOW! I was blown away! I don't think I have ever purchased anything sight unseen and expected very much. If I had seen the covers in a store I would paid twice as much and been happy. They fit like a glove and look great. Notice the Textured Material, and they are very soft.
Danny Hammers
Floral City, Florida

Jerry Padgett

got it today...fits perfect....I know you have to be tired....get some rest sweet lady ...THANKS for all your hard to you later...Jerry

John Wilson

Leann, Received the cover and it fits perfectly! Thanks for your great service, and I'll be sure to recommend you to all my associates.

Greg Zinkus

The cover fits great and is of really good quality...a good purchase!.

amp cover

Dan Galysh

Hi, Leann. The cover that you made for my Furlong cab fits just nicely and looks great. This is a really durable cover and I am impressed with your craftsmanship. All of my best, Dan Galysh

Chris Castle

Hey leann. I just got my cover today. Thankyou so much!! I really like it and I'm really impressed with the quality of it. i love the style and the snazzy, sharp look as well. It fits great and is easy to handle. thanks again.

John Gould

I must say Leann is a very understanding and patient person. I have not received my cover yet but she went the extra mile to make sure I would get the right size and color cover for my steel. You can't go wrong getting customer service with Sharp covers. Thanks Again Leann. - Steel Guitar Forum

Last night was the first chance since I got my cover to check the fit. Well like I suspected PERFECT FIT!!!
Like I said in a previous post Leann went to the trouble to make sure I got the right size for my steel. After comparing it to a cover from another maker that I have for my Sho-Bud, you can't beat the value of these covers.
Thanks Again Leann for making a great product at a good price for steel guitarist. - email

Ron Lands

Leann, I received the covers for my N-1000 and N-112 last night and they both look great and fit perfect!! I really like the red piping on the N-112. The quality is terrific! It was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to using your covers on more of my gear. I love my covers and I will be placing a new order soon. Thanks so much, Ron - Steel Guitar Forum

Buck Grantham

Sharp makes the best amp cover that I know of . I've had one for about four years and it still looks like brand new. It's built like a tank and I will never be able to ware it out. It has surely saved my amp from getting banged up because I do at least 25000 miles a year with it . I highly recomend those covers. - Steel Guitar Forum

The cover you made for me for my amp has been on four different amps so far and still looks like new. It's the best quality cover I have ever bought. It will last me for many years to come. Thank you so much.... Buck Grantham - email

Shelby Nestler

Hi Leann, Just wanted you to know that I got the cover yesterday and the fit is perfect! I'll be sure to take a few pics so you can see it. Thanks again for doing the cover on such short notice. I really appreciate it.

Bobby Stalnaker


Randy Gilliam

Leann I am In Love With My Cover and I Don't Even know Her Name, May Have To Write a Song, Thanks Hope You Sell Bunches Of Them. Thanks Again, Randy G.

Jody Sanders

Hi Leann, the leg pouches arrived today. Great work. Real nice. Thanks a bunch, Jody.

Bernie Gonyea

Hello Leann : The u.s.p.s. driver ; just dropped off your cover for my stage-One Guitar ; Thanks so much for a magnificent lookin steel guitar cover..Just what I wanted; fits perfectly. What more can I say, Leann...I'll certainly show it off to any one whom is in the market for a lovely cover; and to those folks whom love steel guitar music, no matter what.. Again, Your product is most worthy of any kind words we steelers can send your way.. Say Hi to my Face-book buddy, Mr. Cal..You both have a very niece holiday season..Regards.

Billy Knowles

Arrive today and thank you, they look great! Could not be more pleased. Billy
(cont.) Leann, Most definitely but please add: they look great and "the quality of work is exceptional".
Merry Christmas

Robin Moore

I received the cover and it is beautiful! He will be so pleased. Thanks again for your quick turn around and personal service.
Merry Christmas!
Robin Moore

Rick Kornacker

Hey Cal & Leann! Got the cover...great job! Will recommend to anyone that asks me about mine for sure. I sure don't mind passing along info about exceptional steel stuff at more than reasonable prices! Regards, RK

Don Hemmer

After wearing out many other leg/rod pouches I wished I had come across Sharp Covers sooner.The quality and workmanship,ie stitching, is far beyond any that I have used in the past. Thanks so much for the professional care, rapid response and delivery. Don Hemmer
PS You can quote me Leann
Thanks again Don

Don Sulesky

I just received the covers a few minutes ago. They are great. You do wonderful work. Keep it up. Thanks for the quick turnaround.
Don Sulesky


Thanks for a perfect steel cover highly recommend Thanks Leann......Judd

SharpCoversNashville amp cover

Dan Galysh

4/15/17 Hello, Leann. My order arrived and the covers look great and they fit perfectly. Thanks for your work, Dan Galysh

Larry Vandiver

Leann, Got the cover and it looks and fits great! Very happy with the quality of the materials and craftsmanship. Definitely will be ordering more! Thanks!

SharpCoversNashville amp cover

Steve McClain

Leann- Got it today. Fits my custom Shaw Retro-Mod 15 combo perfectly! Thanks for a great job!

SharpCoversNashville amp cover

Allan Jirik

Woo hoo, the cover came today for my Fender Mustang II amp. Leann Sharp creates one of a kind masterpieces. The workmanship is second to none, it is so beautiful. Thank you, Leann!!!

Sharp Covers amp cover for Alan Jirik

Paul Carangelo

Hi Leann I wanted to say Thank you very much. I received my Amp Cover yesterday and my expectations were Highly Exceeded!! The Quality and Fit is Perfect!! I would Strongly Recommend you and your Products to anyone. In the future if I need anything I will be contacting you. The research I did with other companies did not have the options you offer to your Clients. Thank you again Leann!! All my Best to you!!

Andrew Leonard

Leann, Received the cover, I love it! Fits and looks perfect. Thank you so much. Andy

Dwayne Ford

Thank you. It looks and fits great. Dwayne

Billy Carr

Leann, forgot to let you know order arrived as planned. Perfect as usual. I'll be placing another order soon. Thanks again. Appreciate you!

Robby Turner

Got the covers sat & all I can say is............. Thank You, Robby Turner
Grammy Award Winning Legendary Producer

Mark Wise

Hi Leann, I received my pouch in the mail today and it is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

Daniel Galysh

Cover received, Leann. Looks great! Fits great! Thanks, Dan

Bob Nelson

I got the covers Leann, they are very nice and thank you for a great product. Will try to get some pictures for you and have been showing them to every steel player I know out here. Again thanks.

Martin Weenick

Leann, as always , thanks for your great service and outstanding craftsmanship.

Ryhan Mc Dermott

Thank you Leann for the beautiful job you did on my amp cover. It fits and looks beautiful !! Thank you and happy Easter to you !!

Gary VanKoten

Leann, Got my covers, and they fit perfect, are just what I was hoping for (or even better). Gary

Bob Nelson

I got the covers Leann, they are very nice and thank you for a great product. Will try to get some pictures for you and have been showing them to every steel player I know out here. Again thanks. Bob Nelson

Robert Grossman

steel guitar cover

Leann:   I got the cover today and it's PERFECT!  Precisely what I had in mind when I ordered it from you. I will get some pictures together for your internet site!   In the meantime Thank you for a wonderful Steel Guitar cover!!

Billy Carr

Leann, excellent job on the red cover for the Excel. Perfect fit and front of guitar is the same red color. Top is black mica. I'll be ordering some other things a little later. Thanks.

Jack Stoner 

custom amp cover

Leann, Here is a picture of me and the cover.

Tommy Wallace 

Leann, Love the covers. Great craftsmanship and great customer service, now that is a winning combination. Thanks.

Jon Burford 

eugene moles amp cover

Hi Leann,  I could not be more pleased with your custom covers. Everything about them is perfect. Thank you so much. Jon Burford

Eugene Moles 

eugene moles amp cover

Thank you! Just received it. Beautiful work. It looks so cool! Perfect fit.Thank you for the wonderful work you did! Best to you, Eugene Moles

Dan Galysh 

Little Walter amp cover

Leann, the Little Walter covers were received today. Love the color and they fit perfectly! Again, thanks. Dan

Duane Keiper  

My cover got here today. It fits great and looks great. Thank you, Duane Keiper 


received today and a real beauty. Thanks Leann.    cc

Dave Maniscalco 

It came in the mail, yesterday.  Works and looks great.  Thank you!

Wayne Dahl 

Leanne & Cal, I received the leg pouch a few days ago. Very Nice! It's got that old school quality that I like. I know this will last for years to come.  Thanks so much, Wayne Dahl

Reidar Mofjell 

Thank you for making the cover for my LeGrande on such a short notice.My Nashville friend Casey Kelly ordered it for me and you had it ready overnight.
That`s great service!
It arrived safely in Norway and it fits like a glove.
My wife thinks the guitar looks (and sounds....)better with it on..
All the best

Larry Juddl 

Leann, I received my cover in the mail today.  It fits perfectly and the workmanship is excellent. Thanks again, Larry

John Higgins

Hi Leann....sorry it took me a bit to get back with you. The cover is great, and fits just right. I'm really pleased, and will try and get you a photo or two before too long. Thanks much-you do great work! john

Vic Plowman

Thanks Leann   Got the steel and amp covers and they're a perfect fit. Great quality and workmanship    Thanks again!!

Martin Weenick 

Leann, received the covers today, and both are perfect. ( I knew they would be ) You are a very talented lady. Thanks for the great service. Martin.

David Wallace 

Leann, Got it today!  Workmanship is excellence, only thing I was sweating was my measuring.  Your template made that easy.  I am more than satisfied. I'll pass the word about you up here.  Thanks again! Dave

Randy Ellen 

Leann, received the covers today. They are perfect. Thank you very much, Randy

Dave Benson 

Hi Leann,   The cover arrived safely and looks great.  Totally pleased with it.  I’m thinking of maybe putting some embroidery on it, but wanted script font that didn’t appear to be available on your website.  When that’s done, maybe I’ll get a picture on the way.   Thanks so much.   Dave

Clark Doughty

Got it today.  Very nice and thank you for the quick service………………….clark

Larry Robbins

Hi Leann, Got the covers and they are just PERFECT!!! I knew they would be   I’ll get some pics of all of them this weekend and send them along to you. I’ll also post them on the Steel Guitar Forum and the Steel Guitar Network and give you a nice plug thanks again for such good service and wonderful craftsmanship! Your my new best friend! lol!!

John Farrell

Hi Leann,   Covers are in and look fabulous!  Thanks!   John

Don Brown

Leann, I got the cover yesterday afternoon and it's perfect! Thank you - I am a satisfied customer! Thanks again - it looks good and fits good, and the price was right. 3/28/12

Ken Ratliff

sharp covers nashville

Hi Leann, The cover for my twin reverb came today, Looks and fits great. Your # 1 !!!!
Thanks, Ken. 2/21/2012

Josh Barrett

Hey Leann, I received the cover on the fifteenth. It looks amazing and fits like a glove. Thank you so much for everything!!! 3/17/12

Michael Smith

Thanks Leann.I got the cover yesterday and it looks really good and fits fine, you did a fine job,thanks again. Mike 2/28/2012

Duane Shawkey, Sr.

Dear Ms. Sharp, I have received my steel guitar cover and I am quite pleased with the quality and look of the cover. Additionally, shipping time was very timely. Sorry for the delay with this email as it slipped my mind, but at my age, most things do. Thank you for a quality product and good customer service. Sincerely, Duane L. Shawkey Sr. 2/21/2012

Dale Hampton

Leann, Got my fender twin cover and it looks and fits great! Went to play tonight and wished that I could just leave the cover on. because it looked so good Thank you for such a good product. Tell Cal that even after 20 plus years, I haven't forgotten the New Years Eve that we spent with Faron Young (and Cal) in Perryville MO (not sure what year,early 80's) Got your autograph on a deputies album that I guess Cal wasn't even on. Saw Faron later in St Louis at the Yellow Rose, Probably Cal playing there too. I did not start to play steel till mid 80's So I don't know if I was hearing Cal that night. I loved Faron's music and I am sorry that he could not cope with the way his life was going. . I love (Country Music) and look forward every time I get to play my EMMONS P/P SD10 and my Fender Twin reverb (That is after I slip the Sharp Cover off my amp. Great product . Thank you Dale 2/21/2012

Ray McCarthy

Hi, Leann- I received my pouch (and card holder-thanks) yesterday (Thursday). I thought I had ordered the plain-not woven one, but it's fine. Thanks Ray 2/21/2012

Michael Kowalik

Received pouch on Friday.....good work!! Thanks so much,,,,,,,,,,Mike K. 2/21/2012

M.N. Nugent

Cover has been received. Russ loves it! Thank you so much. Next guitar, we'll be calling ya'll. 2/21/2012

Coleen Zook

sharp covers nashville steel guitar cover

The cover looks great. Here are some photos. Thanks, Coleen 9/9/2011

Tommy Butler

tommy butler sharp covers nashville

Leann's covers are THE BEST quality like Proudly Made In America should be. Very Road worthy and simply The Best !!

Billy Carr

Covers & pouch are perfect. Just what I ordered. Another fine job, good quality and a beautiful lady to deal with. Don't get any better than that. Thanks. 7/19/2011

Herb Clarkson

sharp covers nashville

Hey Leann!...Herb here...Sunday evening 7/10/11, just got home from the weekend activities...approx. 8:30 covers arrived yesterday...Leann; I have never seen quality like this before in a cover, your covers are heavy duty reinforced sewen... the orange color you provided was just perfect...the white piping sets the orange & black colors off so neat, very cool...honestly I can't say enough good about them...what a pleasure doing business with you...thank you so much again... Sincerely, your new customer. Herb C. PS. I'll be sending you a photo shortly.

Don Dixon

Received my cover yesterday. It looks great, even better than I expected, and the fit was spot on. The wine colored trim matches my Fender amp perfectly. I will certainly continue recommend your services to all inquiries.
Also, appreciated the business card holder you included. I will put it to good use.
Thanks again, I couldn't be more pleased.
Repeat customer,
Don Dixon

Larry Robbins

Hi Leann, covers arrived yesterday. Perfect, finish and workmanship!

Clay Walker

Sharp Covers Nashville vinyl covers

Leann, The covers arrived today. They are very nice & fit like a glove. My girlfriend will be happy to get her bath towels back now. thanks, clay

Bob Kohli

Hello Leann.
The cover got here on Thursday. It looks just perfect. I was quite surprised of the good quality of material and handcraft. I will take a picture of the covered amp and show it on your website. The cover makes me think of getting some steel guitar covers also. It is worth every $ and even the $29 I had to pay to the Swiss Postal Service. Thank you very much. From Switzerland.

Hook Moore

Leann, Covers got here in good shape.. Looks great as usual and thanks very much for the gifts!! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Hook

Tony Middleton

Hi Leann, I received the cover today. It is beautiful and fits perfectly! I will get a picture of it at church and send it to you in a couple of weeks. Thanks, Tony.

Kevin Dionne

Hi Leann, Recieved both of my new covers for my Nashville 112 and my Nashville 1000. They look great and fit perfect. The extra reinforcement you added to the bottom edge of both covers should work out just fine. Great product and great service. Any of you guys/and gals that need or want a super cover for your amp., you need to contact SHARP COVERS of Nashville, you can't go wrong. Again many thankx, Kevin - Steel Guitar Forum

steel guitar cover

Paul Norman

I received my cover today and it is beautiful. It fits perfect. I like the color cause everything is red or black and the emmons guitar is Rosewood. So this Blue is a pleasant change. Thank you Leann.

amp cover

Gary Gimble

Hi Leann, My covers came in today's mail and they look "sharp!" hahah Thank you so much! I will recommend you to my picker buddies up around me. BTW, I have gotten many complements too, your products are classy and clean. Per your request, I attached a couple of PICs, one that sports your covers and the other show what is being protected!!! I am sure other players in my caliber (weekend worrier wanna be, hack player) that don't have roadies, except when wifey comes out to the gig, will connect.

Bob Fleming

Hello Leann. I received the covers and I must say I am extremly pleased with them. The quality,fit and value are just as I had hoped.Not to mention the fast service. The little bar pouch was a nice surprise too. I have been showing these off to my friends and they are all impressed. Where do I leave a comment on your website? I am so glad I discovered your little company and got the covers from you. Many thanks

John Mcguire

Leann, I got it the other day but was under the weather so I am sorry for the late reply. All i can say is Wow! Great job Leann and I will always recommend you to others. You do great work.

Terry Pilant

Leann, I got the blue and the red ones, they look great and fit great. Thanks so much, I will tell my friends where I got then. Your Friend, Terry Pilant

Howard "Howie" Hughes

Just A Short Note to Let you Know that I Got My Clear Cover Today!, And It Fit;s and Looks Wonderful!, When I'm Ready to Order the Amp Covers I Will Send the Additional Information that you asked for. Thanks Again For A Great Job & Service. Howie."

steel guitar cover

Andy Eads

Hi Leann, got the cover last nite. It fits perfect. And I like seeing my guitar thru it. You did a good job, its just what I wanted.

Dean Rankin

Thanks Leann, I received my D-10 cover this Wk. end. Looks and fits great !! - Steel Guitar Forum

Russ Tkac

Thanks for the cover Leann. It looks and fits real nice. - Steel Guitar Forum

Ron Wright

I use my Sharp NV112 cover every weekend it works great and Leann is great to work with ps : I have a Sharp cover for my MSA which is great also... highly recommended.

Just rec'd a reflective cover (perfect fit) for my MSA S12 from Leann Sharp ..another great job and great service. - Steel Guitar Forum

Gary Bowens

Received today (Sat 3/7). Very well done and I do like the color combinations! Something about the 'end caps' design that have really sets these covers off, in my opinion. Fits perfectly and I'm a happy guy.

Received today (Saturday 2/14)! Perfect fit and the design is great. I really like the white piping between the gray and black. Nice touch. My actual guitar cases are a little more silver than gray, but this is really an excellent cover in my opinion. Will be in touch. Thank you, Gary

Russ Rickmann

Good afternoon Leann, the cover is great and the fit is perfect. Thank you so much.

Kent Salmon

just received, looks good. I will tell all my friends. Thanks.

James Marlowe

Hi Leann, Just letting you know my cover for my BlackJack fits perfectly. Great job. Thanks so much

Charles Kleinert

Leann: My cover was received on 7/11/09; the fit is good; I am very pleased with the cover you made for my Remington Steelmaster. Thanks.

John Sereik

Covers arrived today. They are AWSOME!!! Thanks.

Howard Hannah

Leann, thank you so much for the steel and amp covers, they are a perfect fit and I will recommend you to everyone. Thanks again.

Jeff Bice

I got the new cover for my steel guitar you made for me. The cover looks great and fits perfect. I am very pleased with it. The pick/bar pouch is great, just what I wanted. I am very glad I found your website, I would not even think of ordering a cover from anyone else but Sharp Covers.
Thanks, Jeff Bice, Brierfield, Alabama

steel guitar cover

pick pouch

Larry Lenhart 

Leann I got my cover today for my Justice D10 and WOW, it is beautiful !! Superb craftmanaship, looks like a million bucks and fits like a glove ! I couldnt be happier ! And it even arrived earlier than projected. I have a Show Pro Lloyd Green model on order and when it arrives I will be ordering another custom cover from you for it ! Thanks so much for your great work and communication ! A very happy ! Larry Lenhart

Larry Lenhart steel cover by Sharp Covers Nashville

Billy Carr 

Leann, great job on the NV-400 cover, as usual. Delivered this morning, Friday. Thanks again.

Paul Harris 

Hi Leann, I received my cover on Monday and everything looks great. Thank you for an excellent product and service. Paul Harris

Marvin Born

The cover arrived. Fits perfect and very nicely done.

Jennifer & Jerry Harkins

Leann, Thank you so much for working with me on my leather design idea for a surprise birthday gift for my Dad! The vinyl chose is perfect! The cover you made for his Mullen D-10 fits perfectly and turned out beautiful! He is already showing it off on the stages of Texas Honky Tonks! And thank you for your quick response and completion! You did a wonderful job and my Dad couldn't be more happy! Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your talents with the music world!

Marco Baroz

Got it today and it fits like a glove! Beautiful too! So happy! Thanks for making a great product.

Sharp Covers Nashville amp cover

Darvin Willhoite

Leann, The MSA cover arrived today, it fits perfectly, and looks great. Thanks for getting it out quickly. Here's some pictures of the two steel covers you've made for me. These guitars are part of my MSA collection, the S12 I restored, the D10 is a plexiglass steel that MSA made for shows in the early '70s. The covers fit great. Darvin Willhoite

MSA steel guitar covers

Gary Van Koten

Leann, Got my covers, and they fit perfect, are just what I was hoping for (or even better).Thanks again!

Martin Weenick

Hi Leann, received the covers and leg bags today. As usual, every thing is a perfect fit and the workmanship is outstanding !! Thanks so very much for the great service. Martin.

Gary Cooper 

pick and bar pouch by Sharp Covers Nashville

Leann, I have received my pick/bar pouch. Absolutely awesome. I am impressed with the workmanship and the colors I requested are just right. This photo shows the pouch on my GFI Ultra. Thank you all very much for the excellent craftsmanship and service. Gary Cooper

Michael Bonner 

I apologize for the late response, but the cover arrived pretty much on time, maybe a day late because of the ice storms. It looks great and fits perfectly - really ties the rig together.

Gary Capps   

eugene moles amp cover

Hi Leann, I received the Little Walter amp and cabinet covers last week. I was out of town until the weekend and was pleasantly surprised to find the covers when I returned, They are beautiful and fit perfectly. I am so pleased that you were able to work out an agreement with Phil Bradbury for the use of the Little Walter logo. The covers look so nice I might leave the amp and cabinet set up in the living room. Thanks a lot for getting this to happen, Gary.

Stu Schulman   

eugene moles amp cover

Leann Sharp picked the color... she really has an eye for that sort of thing. Thanks to Cal and Leann Sharp for making this great cover for my new hatchet... when it grows up it'll be an ax!

Chris Willingham

Leann,  The covers look incredible!! Perfect match and fit and the quality and look was beyond what I was hoping for. Just perfect! I think you forgot to put the cord opening on the steel cover, but it's no biggie, it fits great with my right angle cord plugged in. I'll get some pics of it on stage at our next gig and send em your way for the site.  I've got a couple buddies that are steelers and I've already taken a few pics and texted them. They were really impressed, so you may get an order or two outta them.  Thanks again! Beautiful work!    Chris  

Malcolm Kirby

Leann, Received cover Saturday. Beautiful, thanks. I'll be sending picture and expression to you later. Thanks, Malcolm

Fred Thompson   

Leann, the cover arrived today. Just what I wanted. Thanks for the great product!
All the best to my "Nashville Cover Girl". (and that Cal # guy) :)

David Knupp   

Hi Leann,   The cover is here, and it looks great!   I’ll take some pics for your site when I can.   Thanks, David

Kevin Mooney  

The cover arrived in great shape.  It indeed is a "Sharp" cover.
Thanks, Kevin

Fred Malone  

I received the cover and it fits my 77 EMMONS D-10 perfect. I am very happy with it. Thank you very much. Fred 

Robert Doss 

Received it.  Looks and fits great.  Thank you very much!  

Gordy Nichol  

Oh Man...Received my order today....Perfect...just what I wanted...

Eric Tingstad 

boot arrived today very sweet! thanks Leann!

Andrew Horton 

I received my cover today, and it looks great will tell other band members where it came from,, thanks again.

Chris Cockrill 

The cover is great. Thanks!

Doug Childress 

Got the cover and love it!!  I will probably be order a couple more later.   Thanks, you do good work.   Doug Childress

Edwin Gomez 

Hi Leann, I received the amp cover last week. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. The cover is amazing! Perfect fit and the quality and craftsmanship is superb! I will send you a photo this week. Thanks again and will definitely order another for my other amps.  I will also recommend this to my musician friends! Regards, Edwin

Will Johnston 

Thanks so much. The cover was received today and fits perfectly. Will

Will Hart 

Hi Leann, Received cover.  Excellent fit and finish. Best, Will

Jeff Ferman 

Just wanted to drop a line and thank you for the amp head covver you made for me. It fit perfectly.

John Faulkinbury 

Hello Leann,   I wanted to let you know that I received the cover that I ordered from you for my Remington S-8 . I couldn't be happier, the fit and quality of workmanship is outstanding. It was a pleasure to do business with you.   Thank you.

John Faulkinbury 

Hello Leann,   I wanted to let you know that I received the cover that I ordered from you for my Remington S-8 . I couldn't be happier, the fit and quality of workmanship is outstanding. It was a pleasure to do business with you.   Thank you,

Darrel Cummings

All I can say is WOW! What great job. These covers fit like a glove and are of unbelievable quality and I for sure highly recommend to everyone I know. As soon as I figure out how to do it i will send a picture for your website. Thank you for a great product. 3/29/12

Mike Cass

leg pouch

"I recently was made aware of Sharp Covers and their selection of fine products. I ordered a heavy-duty vinyl legbag from them and recieved it within 2 days, locally. It was exactly as I ordered and the craftsmanship was excellent, attractive and quite functional. Ill be ordering more soon and will reccomend them to all who inquire. Thanx again for a great job."

Thomas Alexander Jr.

Leann, the covers came in today; very impressive! I did see that one of the covers had a patch on each side; the other just one. I can't see any harm with that. I hope that a little later on I will get you to make a cover for my new D10; right now I have a small velvet blanket. Thanks,..........Tommy 3/5/12

Thomas DeJohn

Leann, Got the cover today. Looks good... fits fine. Thanks, Tom De John 2/21/2012

HL Hannah

Leann, I received my amp cover today it fits perfect. Thank You HL Hannah 2/21/2012

Skip Cole

Mrs Sharp , Recieved the cover today , the package was torn through on one end , but all is well , no injuries . Thanks for the quality material and straight stitchin . God bless,, -Skip 2/21/2012

Jake Lowe

Ms. Leann, I got the cover in the mail today. It looks great! Thank you very much! Jake 2/21/2012

Roger Dillingham

Thanks Leann! That is really quick service! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness in letting me know it has been shipped already. Looking forward to purchasing again from you as your covers shown on your site are quite impressive! Thanks again & I will let you know when order arrives. Your friend, Roger Dillingham Madisonville, KY 2/21/2012

Leann, Just wanted to let you know that my order was received yesterday, (Sat.) 12/17/11. Again, I really appreciate your fast service! Also, thanks for the free business card holder! You and Cal sure know how to market with his Webservices company and your including free merchandise & business cards on all your associated links. Great job! I hope to order a custom amp cover later, and also purchase a steel seat from Joe Naylor as well. Thanks again! Roger Dillingham

Len Nibbi

I received it and its beautiful. Thanks! 2/21/2012

Winslow Soule

Thanks Leann - got 'em, they look great. Thanks for the pouch! Winslow 2/21/2012

Billy Henderson

Leann Got the cover it fits and looks good. Thanks too for the business card wife immediately took possession of it. 2/21/2012

John Farrell

Hi Leann, Cover came in today. Looks fabulous! Will send pics later. Thanks so very much. John 2/20/2011

Frank Parish

The cover I got from you has had a really hard workout this year. It's dirtier than I'd expected but that's what I bought it for. It's holding up really great and it shows how hard you work at it! Mighty fine indeed! 10/6/2011

Charles Kleinert

Frank is right, your covers are the best; I have really enjoyed mine. 10/6/2011

Randy Weideman

Covers came today, "They Are Great" Thank you for your part in our adventure. We will hand out your cards and show it all off.
More orders to come... 9/9/2011

Jackie Seiber

Received cover today. Fits and looks great.
Thanks, Jackie 9/10/2011

Andrew Buhler

The leg bag arrived safely and looks great. Many thanks! 9/9/2011

Herman Scurlock

Got the pouch Tuesday... Love it. Thanks,
Herman 9/9/2011

Billy Carr

Leg/rod pouch arrived yesterday, 8-17. Your good! It's a perfect match with the D-10 red/black steel cover, I ordered earlier this year from you. Thanks. 9/9/2011

Erv Niehaus

Leann, I got my cover today and it is really, really nice! It fits the amp like it was made for it! Thanks, Erv 7/19/2011

Andrew Phillips

Thanks again Leann, The cover made it here the other day. Fits like a glove and looks spectacular! Fine craftsmanship. Andy 7/19/2011

Scott Hay

Hey Leann,
Putting my amp in my trunk and realized i forgot to tell you i opened my package friday. It's just such a nicely made cover, I LOVE it! Most importantly though, my band mates will be jealous :) Will be in touch next time I need coverage, thanks!

Tony Middleton

I received the covers last Thursday. As usual, they look great! Thanks for the prompt service. Tony

Chris Beyt

I received the cover, and it's a great fit.
Thanks again,

Ken Ratliff

Steel guitar and amp covers

Leann, got the covers today. And I must say they look and fit great. You are a true pro. Thanks so much. Ken.

Scott Walker

It is awesome!!!! Thanks! Scott

Randy Vernon

Hi Leann, I got my covers and I want to say that I LOVE THEM, I really like the color match and the fit is great..... thanks so much.

Jody Sanders

Sharp Covers are the best out there. I have two of their guitar covers and two of their leg and rod bags. First class, I highly recommend Sharp Covers. Jody. - The Steel Guitar Forum

Buddy Jennison

I had a Sharp cover made for my amp, FITS LIKE A GLOVE !!!!! "Little" Buddy.  - Steel Guitar Forum

Robert Fleming

I have a set of covers for my guitar and amp from Sharp Covers Nashville and they are AWESOME. Great quality, great value, great friendly and fast service. I got Black w/ red piping to match my Red Stage One Guitar. The cover for my Polytone Mini Brute Amp fits perfectly also. No doubt the best covers out there. tell all your friends!  - Steel Guitar Forum

steel guitar cover

Lee Baucum

The cover you built for my keyless Williams S-10 fits perfectly. Thanks for providing the steel guitar world with such great products.

steel guitar cover

Bill Ford

You can't go wrong with a Sharp cover, My PSG is an odd/different size, sent Leann the dimensions(and the $$)...perfect fit, quick service.. The fold wrinkles have now gone away, and it matches my seat. Another satisfied customer. Quality and fit is #1,couldn't ask for quicker, or better service, Thanks Leann.. Bill PS...If/when I need another cover, Sharp Covers will be my first choice.

Kenny Martin

Leann, Just came today and awesome job! Thank you so much! Now I will look professional at these shows even though I need lesson's! Take care and I'll send you a picture of it on my steel! Kenny

Mike Shefrin

Bill, I have a red cover just like yours that I got from Leann a few weeks ago. It fits my ZB guitar perfect and looks absolutely great. - Steel Guitar Forum

steel guitar cover

Nick Reed

This '66 Emmons P/P is my baby, and it only gets the best. When it came time for me to replace the leg bag I wouldn't settle for anything less a new one from Leann at Sharp Covers. Expert handcrafted stitching and workmanship, tough and durable protection handsdown. Sharp Covers are made from only the highest quality vinyl material, and the prices are unbeatable! For my Steel Guitars and my money, there's only one brand for vinyl accessories and that's Sharp Covers Nashville.
Nick Reed, The Country Junction Band, Springfield, TN

steel guitar cover

Jim Wilson

What a pleasant surprise to get one of your fine Sharp covers for my birthday. The fit and workmanship is perfect. Really appreciated hearing the story of how you had to contact Paul Franklin for the measurements. I know I will use the cover often to protect my Franklin at our outside gigs. Thanks again for a good quality product. Jim Wilson

Hook Moore

Leann, I got the cover today. Fits great, another real nice job. Thanks very much. I have a couple of these. They are really well made and look great guys. Leann is a pleasure to deal with too !! - Steel Guitar Forum

Don Polard

I have to agree with my buddy, Hook. Leann has made me some covers for my MSA and also my Nashville 112 and my Peavey Deuce. You will not find a better cover or a nicer person to do business with. You will not find a better price. - Steel Guitar Forum

I have to agree with Hook and the rest of the fella's. You sure can't beat a Sharp Cover. Leann has done some great work. She even customized a cover for my steel with the MSA logo, with Reece's blessing I must add. Thank you both. - Steel Guitar Forum

Bob Moore

Leann I got my D10 cover and I love it. Keep up the good work. The quality is excellent and fit is excellent also. Thanks again for a fine cover. - Steel Guitar Forum

Martin Weenick

Leann, thanks so much for the two Confederate Flag covers, they are absolutely beautiful !!! Martin.

Doug Jones

Hi Leann, I got the leg & rod pouchs today at my PO box. Wow, these are some quality products! Even though it was all by e-mail, I can't tell you how much I appreciate the great communication we had in the ordering process. I especially was impressed by your hand written note with my shipment thanking me for the order. I went to your updated website and found your pics, too. You are even a knockout to boot! (lucky Cal) Best wishes to you and Cal and good luck in all your future sales, Doug

Jody Sanders

Hi Leann, The covers arrived today. Great work and great fit. Thanks a bunch, Jody.

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