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S&H added to all orders

All covers are custom made to order and refunds will not be given if you submit incorrect measurements or fail to confirm or correct measurements given in a Price Quote. Don't add to measurements for ease of fit. I add for ease of fit when I make the covers. Thanks!

steel guitar

We have measurements for these guitars

guitars with * are larger than standard/ additional $5.00

Manufacturer Model
BMI S10, SD10, S10, Keyless SD12
Carter S10, D10, Pro 10, Starter S10
CLR S10 D10 Pro 10 Starter S10
Derby S10, D10
Desert Rose S10, D10
Emmons P/P S10, D10, S12
Emmons LeGrande II & III S10, D10, D10 Short Key Head
Excel S12
Fender *D10 (Lrg)
Fessenden SD10
Franklin D10
GFI S10, SD10, Expo D10, Student S10,
Ultra SD10, Ultra S12, Keyless Uni 12
Infinity S8
Jackson Blackjack S10, Blackjack S10 (custom),
Pro IV
Justice D10
Magnum D10
Marlen *D10
Martin Weenick *D10 (custom)
MSA *S10, *S10 Classic, *D10 Clasic, S12, SD12,
SD12 Legend, *D12, Studio Pro U-12D
Mullen S10, SD10, G2 D10, Pre Royal Precision SD 10
National Triple Hawaiian
Pedal Master D10
Rains SD10
Remington S8, D8, *T8 (non-pedal), Steelmaster
Rittenberry D10
Russler D10
Sho~Bud *SD10 "LDG", S10, *D10, Pro 1 S10,
Pro S10, Pro S10 (1977), *Pro D10, Super Pro D10, Super Pro SD10 (1981)
ShowPro S10, SD10
Sierra SD10
Simmons D10
West Coast D8
Wilcox D10
Williams S10, D10
ZB D10, D10 Long
Zum SD10, D10, S10, Stage One S10
Steel Guitar

Measurements (inches)



Sharp Pocket™ (add 24.99)

Cord Opening (add $7.99, please specify jack location)
Cord opening diagram

Embroidery ($19.99 and up)
Straps (add $19.95)

Details or design requests for your custom cover

Pick and Bar Pouch ($29.99)

Leg Bag ($34.99 - with flap $39.99)

Leg Bag no flap
Leg Bag w/flap

SCN Cap ($15.99)

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Please Note: We will not give refunds on the basis of color.

Due to the limitations of desktop scanners, digital cameras, and the relative inconsistencies of various display monitors, the colors and other characteristics you see on your screen may not be a totally accurate reproduction of the actual product.  We strive to make our colors and other characteristics as accurate as possible, but screen images are intended as a guide only and should not be regarded as absolute replication of the product color and other characteristics. If you are matching the color of your equipment, etc., Please order a sample of the vinyl in the color you desire. A small sample is available for $1.00. Please email for ordering instructions.
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